Monthly Starting a Nonprofit Thread — July 2022

Welcome to the monthly thread about starting a nonprofit.

This is where you can ask a question or start a conversation about starting a nonprofit or running a new nonprofit. Message the moderators if you're not sure if something you want to say belongs in this thread.

Before commenting:

  • Read the sidebar resources in the "Do you want to start a nonprofit?" section.
  • Search the sub. Most basic questions have been asked many times before.
  • Do your research. Comment on this thread when you get stuck, lost, or confused.

If your comment doesn't get responses or gets heavily downvoted, you might need to add some more information about your specific situation.

You must follow these rules in this thread:

  • Do not ask some variation of "How do I start a nonprofit?"
  • Do not ask other questions that are easily googled. Put in effort.
  • Do not ask for donations, votes, or likes/follows.
  • Do not promote your cause or nonprofit.

A new thread starts the first of each month at 7:00 a.m. ET.

You must also follow all of r/Nonprofit's rules and Reddiquette.

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