Minimizing risks while shopping idea? – Thanks!


Please excuse the alternate account. I realize that some of you may see this concern as being silly, but it has happened to me before, so I'd truly appreciate your recommendations.

I will soon be approaching one or more organizations that may wish to engage in a partnership and/or fund my non-profit's activities. While I have the necessary, niche expertise, as a very new organization, I am concerned that other, more powerful organizations may take the idea and claim it as their own given interest in the topic since the idea could be watered down and be made to pass as their content. I have considered applying to federal funding, but for various reasons, this may not be feasible until a later date, so I may need to rely in the private sector, like-minded organizations and foundations.

For context, I have no funding at this point, and would not be able to easily defend myself against such action. Do any of you have any thoughts on strategy or how to minimize this risk and protect myself (if at all possible)? Thanks in advance!

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