Management accepted tickets from board member and wrote them a receipt for their taxes

Edit: to say that this is a throwaway, for the regular reasons

We are a medium sized nonprofit and a board member who is highly uninvolved (does not come to meetings, very unprofessional and hostile toward staff) recently got in my manager’s good graces when they were given some sports event tickets by said board member.

I mentioned it to a coworker the next day and they commented that the board member only gave the tickets so they could get a receipt for a tax write off. That was confirmed, my manager told my coworker about the deal, coworker was not saying it out of spite. The board member received the write off and the tickets went to the management team.

I commented to my coworker that I felt that was unethical and inappropriate. I was also disgusted that my manager, who has always been a “I am fighting for you” kind of supervisor, would be so willing to accept this board member when they know how disrespectful they have been to my team. I know that’s a personal issue but with the situation it just feels slimy of my manager.

Next week is my last day as I’ve accepted a new position so I feel grateful to be leaving. But now I am filled with anxiety that I commented the gift was unethical. So basically I do not know if I am taking this personally because I do not like the board member, or if accepting a personal gift and writing it off for the gift giver is indeed unethical. I feel guilty for assuming it to be unethical but it really does not sit right with me.

Am I taking it personally or was this exchange inappropriate?

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