Lost in Grant Research

Hi everyone, I am a recent college graduate who has been working at a nonprofit organization for under 6 months. I am responsible for all of our communications materials as well as development efforts. I am under A LOT of pressure to be submitting grant proposals, getting funding and doing it as quickly as possible. As I am a recent graduate, who did not study anything related to grants in school, I have no experience with grant proposal writing or with finding funding sources.

I am having the most trouble with finding potential funders who my organization is eligible for. We have a semi-complicated program and we are very niche. As our organization works on the African continent, we want to find African foundations and funders. Does anyone have any advice about how to search for these kinds of funders, how to find funders who are very flexible with what they want to fund, and just general tips for someone who has absolutely zero experience with this? Thank you, any advice would be great!!

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