Looking to networking with like-minded projects

Hi Everybody,

We're looking for like-minded and similar NGOs to go create connections with and provide insights into each other's approaches. We are thrilled to meet you!

Let me give a brief background about what we do and in what phase we are:

What we do

A companion and I have just established a Non-profit practice-orientated demonstrative farm, besides training programs we wish to provide microfinance and tailor-made aftercare. Ultimately to increase production and productivity of smallholder farmers to give the local private sector a boost and make domestic products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, more accessible in rural areas.

Our phase:

We have just registered our name at a Notary, and are setting up practical things. After that we are investor-ready. Our plan is carefully worked out over the years, and we think we are now ready. But we are aware of unprecedented rare constraints in terms of access and availability of available data. So we would therefore like to make the first move to start connecting and to learn from each other and provide insights!

So are you a Non-profit in East Africa and are you active in; agri- culture or business, educational programs, or do you provide market facilities, DM me! and let's have a talk.

Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and have a pleasant day!

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