Looking for Software Recs

I am the ED at a very small nonprofit (3 employees serving about 40 families). I am looking for software to streamline a few things and would like to minimize my subscriptions. Do any of you have favorites that fit the needs below? Thanks! 🙂

What I need:

  • Newsletter services for marketing and engaging current clients
  • Solid group email blasts that can be scheduled and do not allow reply all or recipients to see each other's info but allows us to quickly remind families of changes to schedules etc (we have google workplace but the options around this seem limited).
  • Text blasts (we run a number of groups for neurodivergent kids and have found text is best for a lot of parents if we need to remind them that we are closed one week or other changes)
  • Registration. We would love to have online registration for our groups and camps. It is tedious to do all the steps myself as an ED who also runs a lot of the groups, but the options I saw were all over $100 a month and didn't provide other needed services.
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