Looking for examples of a platform for scheduling and printing

I am doing some volunteer work at my company with a non profit for kids helping them create journals and then get the journals printed. They are looking for help with a software recommendation.

We are looking for ideas of a common platform to use to help the non profit with volunteer/ school scheduling and then printing of journals after the volunteer sessions are done.

They are currently using a hodgepodge of Google Calendar and some other things and then submitting printing orders after the fact. Is there such a thing out there that would let the school handle the scheduling for the volunteers AND the schools jointly and then be able to make presentations to schools concurrently?

Needs and relevant data:

  • Multiple parties accessing the same scheduling tool
  • Ability for simultaneous presentations at different schools with a shared database
  • Ability to link to a printer who can then print after the school work is done with the kids
  • The NP has a staff of 6-8 people plus up to 100 volunteers working at school sites all over a large metro area.
  • Small tech budget (and no dedicated IT person) but they do have the ability to get a donor to match for more. Less than 10K of a match.

Hope this post is OK, I read the sidebar and this didn't feel like a CRM related question.

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