Let’s talk benefits.

I’m sure this has been a topic of discussion so forgive me if I am asking something that’s been answered.

Part of doing non-profit work is knowing your financial compensation is not going to be the same as it would be at a for-profit organization, but typically that’s offset by generous benefits. In the Time Of COVID™️ it’s become increasingly evident that time AWAY from work is incredibly valuable, both for maintaining relationships (nobody is promised tomorrow) & for mental health (especially for those who have maintained in-person service throughout the pandemic).

Without getting into detail, I’m realizing that our time off benefits aren’t cutting it. Most of my colleagues are burned out (including me), and when polling friends, I’m realizing our PTO/holidays shouldn’t have been acceptable in non-pandemic-recovery time.

So my question is… fellow r/nonprofit friends…

(1) how many holidays do you get? (2) how much PTO? Do you accrue, or given? (3) are there any other benefits (outside of health insurance) that make burn-out a non-issue?

Context: of course this is in the US, literally no other country has this Puritanical approach to work.

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