Leaving org without burning bridges

I am in the process of interviewing for new and exciting positions while also sad to leave behind a great team and organization. One of my motivating factors for choosing to leave is that the Executive Director has just fully been checked out for the last 6 months of not longer. For context, this current org is a small team of 10 total. We’re pretty tight knit and it’s not just me who has reflected on the lack of leadership. I’ve heard similar sentiments from several coworkers and no one seems to want to address it/we’re at a loss at how to address it.

My question is two pronged:

  1. Is it worth bringing up in any exit interview (that would be conducted by the ED) that one of my motivations for leaving is due to a lack of leadership in the last 6 months or more?

  2. What advice would you give to someone wanting to ensure that they leave the organization and someone stepping into their role in a successful place?

I don’t want to burn any bridges but it’s deeply concerning to me to have seen a drastic change in leadership (well, lack thereof) in recent months.

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