Leaving Non profit for Studies

Hi Everyone, I joined a non profit organization right after my undergrad degree. It was a contract of two years. I had applied for a scholarship before joining and there was uncertainty about its confirmation. Long story short, I just got scholarship confirmation and have to leave after one year. The people I work with are very good, the boss has supported me all this time and I really experienced growth and healing despite the job being tough. I love my organizations and its more like a family. However, now that I am leaving my boss really wished me luck but she also showed a grief that I am leaving in middle of contract and breaking commitment. I have given two month notice and tried to minimize the loss. For studies, I will be moving to japan and I also feel scared about it. I feel like I will never be able to meet good people or job like this again. I also feel sad to leave my family but my parents really want me to avail this opportunity. I feel anxiety, guilt, regret, excitement and a lot of mix emotions. I am even too drain to do packing. I feel like my boss who loved me and cherished me is disappointed. I regret that I should have told her that I had applied for scholarship before starting job. Reddit community help me out with advices and support🥺😭. I am living last two weeks in my country and couldnot make the best of it due to this regret and guilt. I am anxious about the uncertainty of living abroad.

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