Leadership change, confidential staff feedback turned over to leadership

I am 8 months in at a 20-person non-profit organization. During my first few months, our executive director of 8 years resigned. They then appointed two others in the organization to serve as interim, co-executive directors. One is already my supervisor and an extraordinary leader. The other has proven challenging to work with for many staff. The board solicited feedback on the model as the interim directors asked that it become permanent. Staff was told feedback would remain confidential. I provided really brief and uncushioned feedback thinking the board would collect this information and present it wholistically and unattributed. I also provided information on a call, detailing experiences informing my perspective.

Today, 5 weeks later the director who I provided negative feedback about pulled me into a room and told me that she knew, verbatim, what I had written. Either the board told them explicitly who wrote what or she viewed the survey in our survey tool, which could be accessed by anyone on our staff. She apologized and felt genuinely committed to being better but shared that she felt like her achievements didn't matter because of a few words (presumably mine) and talked about giving my boss feedback about me. She also made comments about being upset that I went to the board instead of her but they literally compelled us to do this. She said she is committed to no retaliation but I feel deeply uncomfortable. She told me she has been avoiding me and has struggled with coming to work. I wrote one sentence that was really blunt but professional. She encouraged me to pursue a grievance and told me she is pursuing one too because she felt the board really mishandled the process. I don't disagree but when I reached out to the board I was told to talk to my supervisor. The negative feedback was not given about my supervisor but she has a close relationship with the other person and I feel really uncomfortable. I've been talking to other coworkers who have started to guess the feedback was not anonymous based on obvious behavior by leadership and from stories others have heard about.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? This is unreal for my coworkers & me. How can we be expected to feel comfortable at work? We also have no HR. I have let others know that I was unexpectedly confronted about this so they can prepare. We also have performance reviews coming up this week. Go figure. Help!

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