Lack of accountability for smaller charities?

I recently received a job offer from a small charity at a city near me. The charity currently has about 6 employees. The job description of the new role is essentially handling donations that come from the mail, inputting donations (online and offline), answering donor inquiries via phone/emails, providing finance report to the executive assistant, assisting with appeal programs, etc. It’s no surprise to me that a single person is expected to do all these tasks and more since the charity is small. However, what caught my attention is the fact that the person who is opening the donation from the mail is the same person who inputs it on the database. When I asked the executive director about it, she said they are excused from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) because they’re a small charity. She also said her accounting manager & herself ensures correctness of data.

Is that a normal thing for small charities? Previously I worked for a small charity as well but they made sure to delegate the task when it comes to opening mail & inputting data to different people. I also find it weird that the government is “okay” with it as long as it’s a small charity.

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