KindSearch – new way for nonprofits to raise money

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There is an entirely new way for nonprofits to raise money and for supporters of charitable organizations to make donations through their everyday online activities. Check out – a newly launched full-scale search engine that donates its advertising income to nonprofit organizations of the user’s choice. KindSearch works just like Google, Bing or Yahoo, but has been created during the lockdowns and challenging times of the pandemic for the sole purpose of finding a new way for charitable organizations of all sizes to raise money without actually requesting monetary contributions. By using KindSearch your supporters will be generating donations to your organization whenever they search the web. All they have to do is select a cause and we will share our advertising revenue from the search with the eligible charitable organization of choice, without ever sharing any user or search history data. And we don’t have to spend any money on marketing, because we trust that the nonprofits that sign up as Kind Search Charitable Organizations will encourage their supporters to use KindSearch, since more users naturally means more donations. This product was created with our local animal rescue organization in mind, but we hope it will be a game changer for all kinds of nonprofits around the world!

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