It’s hard out there for small nonprofits

I'm just venting. I manage a very small nonprofit on a volunteer basis. We're not new. We've been around since 2008. We have a good history, sound financials for our frayed-shoestring budget, and a 501c(3) status in good standing.

We can't ever get grants we apply for. I couldn't even get a free Canva Pro account because apparently, according to them, our work doesn't have a community benefit (which is weird because everything we do has a community focus). It seems like massive nonprofits get lots of money and services they probably don't even need, but the smallest organizations are left out because they're…small. It's the Hunger Games out there for the little ones–the organizations that need help the most. I'm so discouraged, I'm almost ready to just shut the whole thing down. People love us in theory, but not enough to provide the support we need.

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