Is this legal?

Business idea: helping homeless/ people in need get up onto their feet. I have not been to any college, fresh outta the military haha (22m) Representatives (my employees) would take clients (the homeless/people in need who've signed up) and begin working with them getting into an apt or getting back into a car etc. I envision my representatives attending the meetings with car dealers and apt offices to help out the client.

So this wouldn't be non profit, I'd be investing my own money into getting these guys their ID Cards, Down payments, phone to begin ride share/doordash etc.

EX. Homeless guy says he needs help has nothing, ok so I buy him his ID and documents, we get him in a used car and he begins "doordashing" (or another job) to bring in money. Guy gets monitored finances through my company and when he's on top of his payments/ "back on his feet" and on a payment plan to pay the company back he just pays off his debt, profit in interest and possibly in future jobs that would help the company itself.

This isn't exploiting people or doing anything illegal is it?? I want to help but a man's gotta make money too in this economy, so great business idea right? I just need to know of/ work out legal kinks in the system then begin to really make a buinsess plan

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