Is this an illegal kickback or is this completely above board?

Using my throwaway for obvious reasons.

I don’t know what to do with this information so I’m asking the void. I apologize if I’m being kinda vague.

I work for a tech company that serves the nonprofit community.

We have an affiliate program that pays a commission if the affiliate signs up a new client.

So, there’s an international NPO with many regional offices that function under the umbrella of the big name.

I recently found out that the Director of Digital Fundraising for the parent company is personally getting a commission for signing up the regional offices.

I think it’s bad optics at best and corruption at worst. I have no idea if it’s illegal or unethical. I personally would never do it because I wouldn’t even want the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Is this like whistleblower-level bad or should I just keep my head down and mind my own business?

Thanks in advance.

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