Is taking a job at another organization in the same sector seen as a betrayal?

I live in a metropolitan city and I’ve been with my organization for 4 years. It’s my first salaried job. I have devoted much of my life during this time to this role, and added a lot of value to the organization. It has had a detrimental effect on my health.

From the beginning I have gone beyond my job description and my work is very high quality. My boss knows this and has made comments like “I know you could get a lot more money somewhere else but…”

A few months back I asked her to change my title to reflect what I actually do, and her response was very upsetting. I gave many examples of how what I do aligns with with title, and she said that she recognizes and rewards those contributions by giving me autonomy and allowing me to go outside of my job description. This made me very mad, because it is the majority of what I do and is on top of my job description responsibilities, which I fulfill. Not to toot my own horn but these are big projects I’ve initiated, obtained funding for, established and maintained strategic partnerships for, carried out, etc. Th org gets the benefit of my work without giving me the title or associated pay.

Additionally, throughout my time here there is endless scope creep and wanting me to do more and more bc they know I deliver. I have made many requests for staff to be hired to help with these visions. I get told there’s no money in the budget yet they make new jobs for different “departments”. It’s ridiculous. If I left the whole thing would fall apart.

Another layer of complexity is that I see folks at this org as a second family, but there are toxic things that have continued throughout my time there. I have a love/hate relationship w the org.

Whenever I burn out I start looking for another job but then a new project starts and bc I genuinely love what I do and want to see projects through, I get sucked into it and stop looking for another job. This has happened so many times. At this rate I feel I will never progress in my career, will never own a home, and I’ll be stuck here forever.

I have applied for some positions that have the title I feel aligns with the work I’m currently doing, and they are with organizations in the same sector in the same city. If I were to get another job, would my org see this as a betrayal?

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