Is it fair to volunteer after a non-profit gets investments?

I joined a non-profit organization in Europe a few months ago as a volunteer developer to build a web application for their project. At the time the project had no funding, everyone was a volunteer. The idea behind the project was to support the local community. I really resonated with the vision and also, thought it was a good opportunity to gain experience in web development. So far, me and a group of other 4/5 developers have built a fully working beta version of the web app.

I will not mention the name of the non-profit, however recently, the project won a competition and, as part of the prize, some money was given. In addition to that, other investments were secured by the initiator of the project. As part of the investment conditions, they're hiring a project manager to oversee also the web app I've been building and managing at this point. I've requested to apply for the role but got rejected as I don't have enough experience and do not speak their language (this is a fair point) and got told that I can only contribute to the project as a volunteer. Investment money is currently being split between founders and project manager, and no money is currently assigned to the team of developers. Meanwhile, I got asked to keep building the app as well as the team of volunteer developers.

Do you think developers should also be remunerated following the investment received? Is it ethical for me to search for other volunteer developers to support this project? Is it common practice for non-profit to distribute the investments only among directors?

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