Insurance Help

I recently aged off of my parents insurance and met my 90 days at my non profit organization. With that being said, I am eligible for vision, dental, and health insurance. But my employer is making me sign up for a individual policy and they are only covering 25% of the cost of the insurance.

When I initially accepted the job my boss told me that the company has Blur Cross Blue Shield under a group plan. Yet, now that it’s time for me to get insurance, I have to wait until September to be added to the group insurance plans and I have to have an individual policy until then.

I sort of feel like my boss pulled a bait and switch on me with this.

Is this typical for a small non-profit (2 full time employees)? What can I do next ?

At this point I feel like just quitting and finding another job. I have a chronic medical conditions and felt like I would be covered here but this whole process is stressing me out and making the condition worse.

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