I’m looking for a solution to an accounting problem that’s driving me nuts – nonprofit with 80+ bank accounts. Help. [x-post from r/accounting]

Hello friends,

I work for a nonprofit organization that is partly run by volunteers. It's set up like this: Different regions around the US have different chapters that are started and run by volunteers. All of them have their own bank accounts that are both separate from each other and from our accounts at headquarters. Everyone is under the same EIN. There are currently 85 chapters.

Necessarily, each chapter's treasurer has to perform quarterly bank reconciliations/categorizations and then send them my way. Currently we have them export transactions from their bank into an excel template and just jot down some notes on there about the purpose of each expenditure. Some are very confused by spreadsheets and getting them to do it is like herding cats.

And since I have to keep an eye on all of their bank accounts, as we grow it's becoming untenable. A lot of them prefer smaller banks and credit unions, and trying to log in to 80+ accounts from like 60+ institutions is driving me insane, especially with login verification being what it is today.

What I'm looking for is a solution like Quickbooks Online where each chapter could log in, link their bank account, and just categorize transactions as the feed is pushed to the software. They would each need to be completely separated from one another, but ideally there would be an admin account that could see them all simultaneously. I've already talked to the folks at Intuit and they don't have a solution for me.

Ideas would be much appreciated!

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