I’m a creative services provider for nonprofits – can you answer some questions to help me better connect with and serve you?

I'm a graphic designer with several years experience working in nonprofit marketing and communication design with dozens of great nonprofts, NGOs, and foundations. I've recently committed fully to this effort and launched my own social impact design studio. While I'm not new to the work, I'm new to running a business off of it. I have the skills, system, infrastructure, and even the team. I have some clients that come back and send referrals, but we are still small. I'm interested in attracting more clients, so I'd love to get a sense of things from your perspectives as nonprofit leaders and professionals.

  1. Do you find yourself in need of creative services? If so, what kind? (example: report design, social graphics, campaign visuals, etc)
  2. How do you go about creating visual materials? (do you operate in house? do you have a freelancer or agency you work with or look for one? how did you/do you find them?)
  3. What's the best way to build a working relationship with your organization as a consultant/agency? Does cold pitching work? Who manages design related projects?
  4. If your org is in need of creative services but doesn't have the funds, would you consider partnering with us if we helped you submit winning grant proposals for the project?
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