I was the only employee for 6 months. I was made to cover multiple positions at once, at a part time rate and hours, and when I asked for help the CEO(my direct boss) said she doesn’t want to help because that is why she writes the paychecks. I have guilt of resigning, but I am.

I have been there 2 years. I've had 4 executive directors and all the staff was gone after Covid.

I was the only one on. My CEO was supposed to be helping out this summer, but instead she just ghosted at every meeting leaving me to handle it.

We had a meeting with My CEO and a board member to '' help'' the executive director and I, and instead they wouldn't hear anything we had to say. Every time the Director tried to even start a sentence they told her' 'I don't care about what you have to say. Don't waste my time with this''

'' you're wasting my times with unimportant details'' ''just stop talking right there'' And then would do it over and over again as soon as she tried to speak.

I was so upset and so extremely triggered, I almost walked out of this organization on the spot. They just listed their demands and blamed the new director and I for not doing well. We've had no support. But they threatened to fire her in 30 days and I don't want to just leave her alone there.

Mind you, we are a tiny nonprofit. The executive director is 6 weeks in to this new job and I am only a part time program coordinator. No benefits. And I am doing the job of a few people such as marketing, recruitment, planning and execution of the program, fundraising, managing the summer interns, and training new the new director in their adjusting roles.

Anyway, after failed attempts and working on a strategy to be better at my position and receiving zero support, just receiving threats to get fired, I have decided to resign.

Last week, I had requested help and instead my CEO said if she Has to help, she will try but she prefers not to because that's why she writes the Paychecks.

Question – – – – – My Executive Director asked me to stay longer so she doesn't get fired, but I cannot be here any longer. My health is affected. They also just hired someone else.

Do I stay longer or leave when I need to leave for myself?

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