I want to pivot from Annual Donors to Communications

I work for a major hospital network in a big city in Canada. I’m a philanthropy coordinator for annual donors, so I do a lot with our quarterly mailings to large audiences, digital engagement and acquisition, as well as other tasks.

I previously spent a year working for a small nonprofit doing similar tasks. My favourite part of my role is working on the creative. I mostly edit and do some copywriting. I have an eye for branding and grammar, having worked as an English tutor while in school. I also went to school for marketing, so communications is more up my alley.

One thing I don’t like is being the relationship manager for certain donors. I just don’t like dealing with donors. Period.

I’ve only been in this role for 4-5 months so I’m not planning to pivot any time soon, but I really want to move to communications if the opportunity arises.

How do I let this be known internally without my manager thinking I don’t like this role? This is a great job and organization to work for, so I don’t want to leave, just move away from the donor side of things and work on marketing and comms

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