I think I’m going to resign

I freaking hate our new president. I’m an unpaid volunteer, on the board, and he is making my life miserable.

Ive volunteered with a number of other groups before in different capacities and this is the first time it has ever been implied that I’m not volunteering hard enough or well enough. He just doesn’t like it when I disagree with him or jump when he says to.

He does not promote open discussion amongst the board. He does not want collaboration, only obedience. He is heavy handed and a micromanager. He has a conflict of interest. If you disagree with him, he subverts your opinions and expertise and literally does your job for you even when no other board member thinks you are under performing.

We already had one board member resign last month. I might be the next. I brought this group miles ahead of where they were, and if he doesn’t want to see or respect my decision, fuck it. Everyone else knows what’s happening. They’ll know he pushed me away. The group can figure it out themselves, whilst I go somewhere where my service is more appreciated.

I just need to rant. I fucking hate this.

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