I feel unmotivated to even try for my manager

I started in this role in February and loved it! This was my first "big boy" job after graduating. I was late going to school so at 30, I was just starting my career in non-profit as a philanthropy coordinator.

7 months later, and my job encompasses SO many different things. I work on events, direct mailings, quarterly newsletter, digital giving solicitation, Raiser's Edge, donor stewardship, financial, tax receipts, etc. etc. etc.

It's exhausting and overwhelming and there's never enough time to finish everything or do anything well because I'm so busy doing 100 dfferent things.

On top of that, my manager, who is quite nice, is a micro-manager, has to approve every single piece of copy, and changes everything.

I feel as though I am open to critiques and open to learn, but she often changes copy or reports or wording that adds no real value, it's just changes for the sake of changing to suit her preference.

There is a lack of autonomy in my role which makes me feel unmotivated to even try and do well anymore. When I started 7 months ago VS now, she will make changes to everything, even though I have learned and grown in my role, which leads me to further believe she just changes everything because that's who she is.

How do I overcome this feeling like I am given no trust and respect for my position? Do I bring this up or leave my role?

I have recently told my manager how overwhelmed I am feeling with my workload and she has been very receptive to that and is helping manage my time better. I do think she would be open to feedback, but my problems now feel more personal than professional.

Is this a sign it's time to start job hunting? I also see other roles with less responsibility and more money, although my non-profit relates to a personal issue I have been through and is flexible.

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