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For my entire working life I have been in a blue-collar world. I’ve worked for, and provided services for some very successful white-collar folks. But I know nothing about running a business. Years ago I founded a nonprofit to fill a need I seen in American High Schools. I had no training or education in business or nonprofits. I just seen a need and went forward. Every day I read about something about and/or business, trying to educate myself on how to successfully accomplish this goal I have set to fill the need. There is nobody in my life circle I can go to for advice or direction. Although I have found a community developement organization that helps start nonprofit organizations like mine get started. Two problems: they help fund these organizations, I don’t need funding, I need direction. And every other organization is loaded with college educated folks who know what to do, and just have to put in the time to get it done. My organization is different, there’s no other organization like mine I can mirror off. No other path cleared by another Founder to follow. I’ve gotten setback after setback, each one getting worse, the last being Covid-19. (Fingers crossed we don’t get another one worse than that) Finally, after almost 10 years I’ve finally got a school to start our pilot program. But, again, I’m dealing with a bunch of educated people who know what to do. Everything I’ve learned until now has been by doing and reading. But I don’t have anywhere to turn for direction. I’ve tried the community development organization, but they’re too busy making money to fund these other organizations get funded to mentor me. I’ve tried the SBA. In the entire organization there where 3 which could help, but only one who was qualified in all the areas I needed. He is great, but I’ve maxed him out. He has nothing more to offer. I’ve tried to shadow other Founders of other closely related organizations, but nobody has time to teach anything on top of their own hectic schedules. This just seems like a practice in futility to try and get any further down the road with this. Advice y’all?

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