I am looking at a position that is ten years in my wheelhouse but asks for edited writing samples. I do not have any. Is there a way to navigate this?

I will keep this question as brief as possible as not to waste anyone's time, but I am happy to give more details if you'd like them!

I am looking at a relatively entry-level/non-management position at a prisoner literacy project. I have spent the past decade at a non-profit organization doing adjacent work both with daily operation and being on the board of directors. In fact, this project has given us donations which I absolutely intend on making note of.

That said, I am not a published writer, I do not have any credited work as anything we produce for outside consumption is collaborative by design and I would not feel comfortable claiming it.

I am obviously not fulfilling one of the more important parts of the application if I do not provide that, but I also feel like I would fit well both in the position and the internal culture.

Is it even worth applying? I'm sure I could explain and elaborate in my cover letter, but I also don't want to waste their or my time if it's a nonstarter.

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