I am actively looking for a role, mostly seeking development opportunities – seeking advice!

I have been actively seeking a role in a mission based non profit environment. I have not had any success yet, and I’ve been working with four local staffing agencies to find a role that best fits my experience. I’ve had mostly positive feedback, but one entry level role I lost to someone with 20 years of experience. The director gave me a very heart felt “I feel like I made the wrong decision but we just had to go with someone with 20 years of experience.” She was regretful, but alas I am still without work so I need to look forward. There are some things I can’t change, but I’d like to see if anyone would be up for looking at my resume to give me some constructive feedback on how I am presenting myself on my applications. I’ve posted in r/resume before as well, but I think I need more tailored and experienced eyes.

I also welcome any generalized advice on applying for these roles as well. Thank you!

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