How to When or If to Ask for Partial Funding?


So after working hard on my letter of inquiry and overall grant proposal, we are ready to start sending them off, but are left with one last pressing doubt…

Sometimes, I see letters where they ask for partial funding of a total amount needed. To me, it seems prudent, like a wise business decision more likely to get a yes. But perhaps also shooting yourself in the foot…plus how do you know how much of the total amount to ask for if it is partial?

–When should you ask for partial funding? I found some free databases that show median grant amount but even then their Max might indeed be quite higher than what we are asking for (in our case 73K)

-Is there some metric to use?

-Is it even a good idea at all or why do some people look for partial funding?

-Could we be rejected on that amount but get a chance to re-apply asking for a partial amount?

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

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