How to tell my ED that we need to diversify our funding…

For context, we have about $5mil in annual revenue that comes largely from 4 major donors who have longstanding relationships with our ED. The going concerns at this point are that 1) those donors are only willing to give us so much money, and we have little room for growth and 2) our programming is becoming a little lack-luster in some areas and 2 of those donors are getting skittish. I was brought on as our orgs first dedicated "development" individual, whereas previously the ED had been our principal fundraiser.

He and I have been having this conversation (using that term loosely) about how we really need to diversify our funding. Since starting 9 months ago I've attempted to cultivate meetings with a number of foundations, private donors, and other prospective partners who've all shown interest in supporting our work, and have identified over 40 viable grant opportunities from a litany of different funders. He's pursued none of those opportunities because his idea of diversifying our funds is solely predicated upon…wait for it…

I have no idea how to tell him that he's wasting time, payroll, and opportunities by solely pursuing one application that he wrote for some HRSA opportunity. Our and SAM portals are so messed up that I've sunk easily 20 hours just into trying to fix them, with no luck so far.

We have no strategy and we're just grant chasing, and I have no idea how to tell him that we're really missing the mark and that his current idea of diversification is completely and utterly untenable.

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