How to set expectations with big opportunities?

I applied to an opportunity and thought nothing would come of it. One of those shot in the dark, everyone applies for it type grants. Nonrestricted funding.

Come to find out my nonprofits now one of four finalists. I have to present in person about it next week to a panel. They’re paying my expenses to go.

I’ve never done this before. The amount of money would change my nonprofits life. I know I’ll be heart broken if we don’t get this. I’m hoping this isn’t a once in a lifetime this so – for this and for future reference – how do you set your expectations low when stakes are so high? I can feel the money but I bet so can the other three finalists.

I’ve been practicing my presentation but nothing feels good enough. I keep jumping between we got this and it doesn’t matter when we lose. I’m seven days away and already losing my mind.

Any advice is appreciated. I’m not ready for the mental breakdown this is going to cause.

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