How to purchase goods to donate? Wholesale ???? Tax exempt?

Hello! I am starting up a non profit and would like to -in time- be able to purchase goods (cat/dog supplies -treats, toys, food) in bulk so that I can donate (or do giveaways/raffles to increase the organization’s following and support). I have a permit for wholesale for my small business (separate/completely different from this) , but how can I purchase in bulk for my non profit? I will not be selling/retailing these goods. The final sale is through myself (or organization), and then the goods will be donated.

Can anyone tell me how this works? I would like to do this the most cost effective and legal way for my non-profit corp. Please let me know if anyone can provide me with some insight on this. I haven’t been able to find the right answers online. My organization is in Texas.

The organization is not just donating supplies. We will be providing medical fundings as well, which will be our primary service.

Thank you so much

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