How to pay profits to contractors and other nonprofits as donations?

Hello. My org is a 501c3 and we are planning to sell postcards in a shop on our website. The postcards would contain images by local artists. We'd like the profits we take in from the postcards to go half to each artist who made the postcard images and half to a different charity. We'd only reimbursing ourselves for our costs, and all profits would go to the two entities mentioned.

We've not done something like this before and are unsure how to properly pay these funds to everyone. Can anyone point me to a resource that would explain how to do so? I believe we'd have the artists fill out a w9 and pay them that way (we will not be exceeding $600 in payments) – is there anything else? For the other orgs we'd send the money to – I'm not sure what would be needed there at all.


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