How to fundraise for an environmental project that offers stipends to unhoused volunteers?

Hello everyone! I am a high school student and part of a student-led environmental nonprofit. We are starting an environmental project with our local unhoused population in which we offer them to participate in our environmental projects as volunteers and give them a stipend for their volunteer hours. We plan for this project to be a weekly community event that lasts for a few hours and to provide a $15 stipend per hour for those unhoused volunteers.

We will basically introduce the volunteers to environmental conservation and work with them on various projects such building Monarch Waystation Gardens, Seedballs, and other urban forestry things.

I am just wondering if anybody can give us advice on how to fundraise for a project like this. We plan on doing a GoFundMe. (We are a verified public charity nonprofit)

Any advice or suggestions about this project are always welcome.

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