How should we structure donations?

Hello Nonprofits of Reddit,

This is not a promotion or solicitation, but I need some information.

I am a part of a team that is building an events app that rewards users for attending local community events and shopping locally. It is fairly unique.

We are adding a feature in the app where we list nonprofits that users can choose to donate their accrued earnings instead of cashing them out. Our goal for the feature is to create a passive way for nonprofits to fund-raise. Make sense?

The debate is: Should we list nonprofits individually, so that users can search and donate their earnings directly to the institution of their choice?

Or should we categorize issues and only allow users to give to a cause (Homelessness, Domestic Abuse, etc..) and divide the donations among all of the nonprofits listed in that category?

I don't want to influence any responses by outlining the debate that we have been having, but any feedback is appreciated.

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