How should I go about finding contact information for large companies for potential sponsorships?

I am in charge of gaining sponsors for a STEM based nonprofit that is organizing an upcoming competition. We have already created the entire competition structure and just require sponsorships so that we can provide rewards to the competition winners. We have a complete sponsorship package available as well that is fully ready to send to potential partners that detail all of the benefits that their company will gain through partnering with us. I am simply having trouble with the actual task of communicating with these companies.

How do I go about finding the emails for the representatives of very large companies in our area? Others I've spoken to have gained sponsorship from Amazon representatives in our area, but I'm not sure how exactly to find these people or their contact information.

How do I find the correct people to reach out to, on the appropriate peg of the corporate ladder, and find their appropriate contact information for discussing a sponsorship partnership?

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