How much would you charge to produce a nonprofit’s “Annual Report” as a freelancer.

I was recently approached by a nonprofit I've worked with before. They need help producing their annual report to donors. I'd be curious to get thoughts from this subreddit on what I should charge for such a project.

On the surface, it's pretty straightforward. They have all the data handled on their end and 3-5 programs that they want to highlight. My job would be to interview some staff members and beneficiaries of the nonprofits programs to craft 3-5 stories that really highlight the good things the organization did. These stories would be 300-500 words each (short!) with some sort of opening and closing text that ties it all together. So approximately 2000-2500 words total.

There are three rubs here that have led me to post this question here.

  1. There's a really short turn around. Like, they want this done by mid-October. I'm guessing by the time they give me a thumbs up or down on my proposal it will be three weeks to turn it around.
  2. I'm going to be relying on a lot of cooperation from the org that I don't 100% know how smoothly that will go. Will the data person have all that info readily available when we get started? Will the program managers connect me to the right people to interview and will I be able to get ahold of those folks quickly enough?
  3. They want design as part of the proposal. I'm more of a writer with some limited design skills. They have assured me that they have a template so the design aspect will be relatively easy. I can usually manipulate a template but I worry about what will happen if I run into some design challenges or problems with the template.

Has anybody else done similar projects for nonprofits in the past? Any other red flags I should look out for?

And lastly, how much should I charge?

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