How important is mission?

I’m unhappy in my current fundraising role and have been searching consistently for about 6 months. I’ve gotten my second job offer, but I’m not excited about it. The first I turned down because during the interviews I realized the job didn’t match the description and was missing some key pieces I wanted. I applied for this job during a rough week but the job description had the type of work I want to do. However, I just don’t care about the mission.

I’m not morally opposed it. It’s an org that helps kids. I don’t hate kids, but I don’t particularly like them either. I’ve been trying to divorce my identity from my job for work/life balance and not letting my whole life be tied up in my career but I still want to like my job. I know not all nonprofit employees are passionate about their work but I don’t know if I’m someone who can work that way. I want to get into grant writing (I have fundraising experience but no grant writing experience) and this job has that.

There are some other concerns. My experience with HR has been horrible, I’m still trying to negotiate so I don’t take a pay cut, the person on the team I really connected with is retiring soon and they can’t guarantee the role will stay remote and their environment is more formal than I’d like. I’m temporarily remote right now and I don’t want to give that up but it will probably happen eventually. But when I think about it these are probably all things I’d look past if it was for an organization I was passionate about or had a mission that spoke to me.

Would you take a job you’re not excited about just to get experience? What if it takes me forever to get another offer. I know no job will be perfect but I don’t want to pick something out of desperation either.

TLDR: Would you work at a nonprofit whose mission you don’t care about just to get experience?

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