How does your organization use timesheets?

Timesheets continue to be the bane of my existence as Director of Finance. In my old organization we had little to no restricted funds, so timesheets were solely used to count overtime. Even then, people complained and sent them in weeks late. In terms of the accounting, we just gave positions a pre-determined amount of time they would work in different areas (M+G, program, fundraising, etc.). We would then adjust it annually.

My new job is with this organization that deals primarily with restricted and grant-funded projects, so each timesheet has 6-7 projects people put time on. This creates so many headaches. Every grant seemingly requires that we track every single hour staff spend on a project, I'm going in to every person's timesheet and manually tracking grants to their specific hours, etc. It's a nightmare. We also have part-time staff with different pay periods, etc.

Our accountant basically said we should do a hybrid model where 90% of staff don't need to create a timesheet. We can just assume the percentages for them, and for specific staff that require timesheets for grants, they just have super simple timesheets.

Our auditors, however, advised against this, because if someone moves onto a grant and then off a grant, it requires them to just fill out time-sheets for a very specific time period, and that can create issues and gaps in our controls. Finance may not remember to create it, they may not remember to record hours, etc.

So now I'm stuck. There has to be an easier way but I can't figure it out. Seems like both orgs aren't set up to do it in the best way.

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