How does Fundraise Up Allow Apple Pay to work at Scale?

I noticed on Helping Hand ( that Apple Pay is enabled on Safari browsers. What's intriguing is that it's powered by Fundraise Up, a third party company that powers the donation form which Helping Hand uses. From my knowledge, Apple Pay doesn't work via Iframe due to security limitations. I noticed in inspect element that a javascript file is being imported from Fundraise Up, and below that is an iframe which is then being populated with the donation form contents (there is no source URL for the iframe element, interestingly). I'm really intrigued by how Fundraise Up accomplishes this, and any insight on how they did so would be helpful as I am attempting to make a product that does something similar.

Furthermore, in inspect element I noticed that the apple pay button is not the default one Apple requests users to use, but rather an <a> tag with an SVG image attached to it that makes it look like an Apple Pay Button.

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