How do you find a mentor in a given field as a newbie?

Looking back on previous jobs I wish I had been more aggressive in finding a mentor willing to invest 30mins-hour a month into my professional development. Instead, I chose (foolishly) to struggle along (pro tip for those of you starting out in your 20s)

Has anyone here found a good mentor? How did you meet them and how did you get the most out of your mentoring sessions? Is anyone in here actively mentoring? if you are how has it been.

My tips:

No one is going to care more about you than you, learn how to develop your skills and self-soothe (bumps and bruises are a part of worklife).

Develop systems for your work, don't just show up. PMI PMP MDMP (build templates early) build something to give your work some structure and guarantee consistency and attractive packaging/ steady reporting for your boss.

We all come to the workplace with some form of baggage or personal issue, if its holding you back at work or causing you to underperform take the time out needed to address it and get back to producing.

Sometimes training is just a quick course on youtube, an informal training online or a Post-graduate certificate don't wait for a full-blown masters to be able to do something, keep trying to add to your skill-set.

Showing initiative is an art, mastering it early can produce opportunities that will leave others scratching their heads as to how you got the

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