How do I negotiate for a lot more when offered the bottom of the salary range?

This is the second time I got a job offer for a manager position that gave me the lowest salary offer and said they think I’m a great fit.

The salary range is $70K – $80K for a Development & Communications Manager position in the suburbs of the SF Bay Area. They said they will start me at $70K and review whether I should get a salary increase during reviews.

I was going to go in and negotiate for $80K because I had interviewed for another job that offered me $72K doing just communications (also another time I was offered the bottom salary range). I was just shocked they thought I was worth $70K when they asked me if I’m still interested like 50 times.

I really feel like I’m going to be doing more work for less pay…. Can I still negotiate for $10K more? Idk how to deal with nonprofits who don’t want to pay what the position’s worth, but have high expectations.

This is the first time they have this position and I would be working on individual donations, legacy giving, corporate giving, email, social media, blogging and PR with no team other than the board saying they will help out. That’s worth $70K?

The benefits suck too. They have an HRA (Health Retirement Account) and I’ll have to get my own health insurance. So I’ll be paying a ton out of pocket in addition to low salary.

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