How do I get into the nonprofit sector with no bachelors degree or professional experience? I have a decent amount of experience at the nonprofit I volunteer with though.

I have worked as a medical laboratory professional for 13 years and I’m totally done with it. I have been volunteering for about 3 years with a national nonprofit. Last year I was the vice-chair of our recruiting committee. I helped transition us to virtual recruiting sessions, built a relationship with a local woman owned business and managed our external email account. We received almost 50% more applications than we expected. This year I am the vice-chair for our second largest fundraising event of the year. We’ve just started the planning so I don’t have much to add on that quite yet.

I have also volunteered at 6 community based vaccination clinics this year.

I feel like this is a decent amount of experience but I’m struggling at finding what an appropriate first job would be.

If anyone has any advice or pointers on what to do next I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

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