How do I do salary negotiations for my first nonprofit job offer?

I know that nonprofits can sometimes have very limited funds and therefore salary negotiations might be harder to come by. I've never worked for a nonprofit so I'm unsure of how to approach negotiations and don't want the job to be rescinded.

Here are some quick specs about the company/ job: very small with 6 employees but they serve a large community in the public health space. They have a posted salary range and offer a health care stipend. Two weeks vacation and sick leave. This is a completely new role that will help the company grow. I'd like to negotiate at 10% higher than posted range in hopes of settling at the 5% mark and potentially score an additional week PTO. I feel this is justified because I have an unique intersection of relevant skills/ experience and have leverage of a current position.

My questions:

Can I even negotiate and/or would I potentially burn myself by trying?

Would PTO be negotiable? Ex: additional week of vacation time?

Do you have any tips for negotiation strategies?

I understand that this post may be better served on a career-heavy sub but I wanted to get feedback from current workers in the nonprofit space first.

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