Help! Leadership has ZERO experience in management or operations 😱

Hey everyone,

I work at a relatively new (~1.5 years), faith-based social services ministry/nonprofit. Everyone is super nice & supportive, but leadership has exactly zero experience in management or operations. It's gotten marginally better over the last year, but we're about to massively scale so stuff is about to hit the fan…

Roles are not well-defined. Our ED has their hands in almost everything. Meetings have no agendas or action items. It's unclear what our KPIs are (besides "# of people we've helped"). We don't even have a basic project tracking spreadsheet or to-do list, so literally everything takes place via email. We're all just doing things & chasing squirrels all day every day.

What are your recommendations for resources (books, blogs, podcasts, etc.) on the nuts-and-bolts basics of effectively managing a team & running operations for a small organization? In addition to the stuff above, training and onboarding new employees has been a particular pain-point for us: of the 7 employees we've hired in the last year, only 1 has stayed on more than 2-3 months.

Most of the books & podcasts I've come across focus a lot on grants, fundraising, boards, etc — none of which apply to us because our funding comes from the church and we don't have a board (which of course is one of our main problems, but it is what it is). The issue we have isn't finances, it's basic operations.

We're about to massively scale from ~5 FTEs to 20+. I can see the train wreck coming. Help!

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