Help figuring out a job title

I recently left my job and am trying to figure out where to go next. I am struggling to connect my interests to a job title that I can search for and am hoping you can help me!

I've worked in the nonprofit sector in the U.S. for the past 13 years. I was a case manager for 5 years and an affordable housing property manager for the past 8 years. I have Masters in Sociology and a Masters in Public & Nonprofit Administration (both degrees I earned while working these nonprofit jobs). I currently serve on 2 nonprofit boards – President on one board and Vice Chair on another board.

I don't want to work directly with the public/clients anymore, but I still want to do work that contributes to helping the public.

I really like creating, updating, and managing forms, writing internal policies and SOPs, creating workflow plans, developing and tracking organizational or department goals, and creating organization methods to make it easy to find information within the organization. I also really enjoy compliance type activities, like reviewing files to make sure required forms are there or writing grant reports. And I like researching regulations to make sure internal policies are following current regulations, and then translating those regulations to plain English for people to understand.

Basically, I want to be able to make it easier for staff to do their job of providing direct service by reviewing their files for compliance with regulations, keeping track of correct versions of forms, writing/updating internal policies, etc.

I don't want to do HR. I don't really want to supervise anyone. I have very minimal experience in social media and websites (and not really wanting to learn more). And I don't have any accounting experience.

Does such a job title exist? If so, how can I tap into that area without official experience? All of the interests I listed I did in my most recent job (affordable housing property manager), but it wasn't the primary tasks of that job.

Right now I'd like to either find a remote position, or one where I live, but am open to the possibility of moving. At this point I'm just trying to pinpoint what job title I'm even seeking, then I can decide if I want to look at relocation.

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