Help an Afghan Refugee!

In 1980, my parents fled from the soviet invasion of Afghanistan with the clothes on their backs, a small sum of money, and hope for a better life in America. To watch thousands of Afghans be displaced from their home and live through the same reality 40 years later is devastating.

This is why my best friend and I decided to design this tote bag. Its design is inspired by a inspired by the familiar pattern found on many Afghan rugs. For centuries, hand-woven rugs have been an integral part of Afghan culture and are a well-known symbol of the country’s beauty, wondrous landscape, and war-torn history. These rugs are often passed down generationally in many Afghan families. They serve as a beautiful reminder of our homeland as well as the countless years of struggle, sacrifice, and pain our loved ones have had to endure.

The tote bags are composed of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and eco-friendly. They are available for purchase and cost $22. We will be donating 100% of the profits to MCC East Bay's refugee program, which aids newly arrived Afghan refugees by paying their rent and furnishing their apartments. If you can’t buy one, I urge you to share ❤️

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