Has anyone done this? Career pivot away from grant writing/institutional giving to…what else?

Hi, all. I am the institutional giving manager/sole grant writer at a small (<25 admin staff) arts non-profit. I am just entering my mid-career. I am an excellent writer, like to problem-solve, and work well on small internal teams. Lately, though, I feel like a cog in a wheel, and I have no interest in being promoted to higher-level development positions.

Has anyone transitioned out of institutional giving to some other path that uses a similar set of skills, either within the non-profit sector or in the private sector? And not sales. I know the popular suggestion for fundraising is "go into sales," but the only reason I am in fundraising is because I can write well. I don't do well with being "on" all the time.

I am considering becoming a freelance grant writer, but I'm not convinced that's what I want to do long-term, and I want to make sure I'm not wasting valuable time to grow.


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