Grant process vent

I just need to vent to people who get it The grant process is hard

And not even like applying that’s hard

The whole – try and make friends w these funders I don’t really like or have time to talk to – get an application asking the most tedious and ridiculous questions – get it submitted and start a waiting game – waiting game either never ends and you get ghosted by the funder for a year or two, ends because you get a prewritten ‘sorry we didn’t pick u!!’ message, or by some grace of whoever you get approved – thus starts a whole new round of stress – that’s what’s hard

I have 5 major grants due this week and I’m more mentally taxed by the grants in the waiting game than any of them. I wake up at night second guessing how I spoke to funders, What I put in our mid grant reports.

It’s stressful and unnecessarily so, and I can’t get overwhelmed because my entire staffs salary relies on grants at the moment.

Vent over I appreciate y’all I just need aN APPROVAL from some of these big ones 😭

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