Gift Officer – Day in the Life

I would love to hear what a typical week/day looks like for a gift officer.

I started a new role a few months ago with a very healthy, long standing non profit. Every tool is at my disposal, a well curated portfolio with long standing donors and a huge Raisers Edge database. Our team includes our director who is over major giving and events, a grant writer, a database manager and me. I am over mid-level gifts, our giving circle and planned giving.

I spend my time making calls, giving tours, sending our letters, handwritten notes, some prospecting, working with a committee of volunteers on outreach.

But, I find I have a lot of free time…there is a lot of time waiting for people to call me back. And I can’t call hundreds of people all day, every single day.

Things have been going well and my director is very happy with things I’ve done so far (updated our giving circle perks, solicited a ton of item for an auction, made lots of connections with donors) but I’m just constantly anxious because I have whole days where I don’t do much.

Is this normal? Should I just be grateful?

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